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Alfa Romeo 156 Bi-Xenon MH1 Retrofit

Alfa Romeo 156 Bi-Xenon MH1 Retrofit

Alfa Romeo 156 Xenon ballast Alfa Romeo 156 Bi-Xenon projectors Alfa Romeo 156 Xenon MH1 Alfa Romeo 156 Xenon headlight


Max van den Bosch

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  1. hi, in this project can i use an angel eyes?

    1. It’s pretty tight in this headlight, you might need to make some adjustments to the shroud to make it work.

  2. can u send me a complete headlight? like a example?
    i don´t have enough coordination to make an equal lol

  3. Hi, what kind of projectors have you used for this headlights and which shrouds you selected?

    1. This is the Mini H1 twin kit, with the mini Gatling gun shrouds.

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