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Mini Cooper bi-xenon projector installation

The Mini Cooper requires a custom installation.

I was sick of the poor lighting that our cars produced so I decided to do something about it. The OEM xenon’s are not acceptable either. The beam pattern is horrible and they are outrageously expensive. I decided to go with the regular headlight housing from a 2006 and modify it to fit the projectors.

Mini Cooper Xenon bracket cut Mini Cooper Xenon bracket Mini Cooper Xenon Mini H1 Mini Cooper Xenon projector

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Mini H1 twin kit

  • Aharon speedstart AMP canbus ballasts
  • Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
  • XB35 4300K or 5500K
  • T10 position lights to match the xenon color
  • H1 high beam splitter to connect the bi-xenon function

Max van den Bosch

Max is a developer at Retrofitlab. Do you have questions about our products? Contact us at

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  1. Hi, the standard mini halogen lighting *is* terrible. Was it a fairly straight forward job to cut a hole in the back of the reflector?
    Does it all fit behind the normal waterproof cap/cover or did you have to modify this also?
    Was it a great improvement with the xenon installed?
    Thanks very much in advance

    1. It is not an hard job, just make sure you take the time to measure it. The light output with the Mini H1 projectors is way better!! 🙂

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