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Audi A4 B6 Convertible (2001-2004) Bi-xenon MH1 - Halogen headlights

Car Retroquick kit

Audi A4 B6 Convertible (2001-2004) Bi-xenon MH1 - Halogen headlights




LED parking light

€ 199,95  
Looking for xenon lights for your Audi A4 B6 8HE convertible (2002-2006)? Don't look further, with this unique retroquick kit you can convert the original headlights easily to real Bi-xenon!

The B6 is becoming a classic model Audi A4 with his characteristic appearance. The luxurious look of the car can be enhanced with HID lights. Does your A4 still have to cope with standard halogen bulbs or with a plug & play xenon kit in the original halogen ZKW H7 mono-projectors with a moderate beam, then it's time to upgrade your car with this kit!

With this retroquick kit you transform your headlights to full Bi-xenon, with xenon low beam and quad high beam (xenon + halogen). You will have more light in front of your A4, and next to that your Audi will look better with the luxurious look of xenon with the beautiful bright white light.

The A4 B6 convertible headlights are made by a manufacturer ZKW, and come in 2 flavors: halogen and xenon.
  1. H7 halogen. Not a spectacular projector, the Mini H1 projector will more than double the light output compared to the H7 halogen.
  2. D2S single xenon. Like with the BMW 3 E46, headlight manufacturer ZKW made a major mistake to produce plastic reflector bowls. These bowls will literally burn so badly that holes can finally appear. Unacceptable, but it's fixable with our B6 MH1 convertible kit

We've developed a Mini H1 bracket which fits in both headlights and will definitely improve the light output.

Planning to mount used original xenon headlights? In our opinion, assembling these projectors in your current housings is a better option for the following reasons:
  1. Brightness. The ZKW D2S projectors in the original xenon headlights are known for very poor light output because of burning reflector bowls. The Mini H1 projectors have a better light output.
  2. Less expensive. This retro quick kit costs less than the average set of used original single xenon headlights with bulbs and ballasts for the Audi A4.
  3. Sustainability. The components of this kit are brand new with 2 year warranty, and will therefore last longer than used parts.
  4. Bi-xenon. Unlike the original single xenon projectors, these projectors are Bi-xenon. This means that they give both low and high beam (next to the halogen high beam).
Watch the video to see how easy installation is. Simple remove the halogen projectors and mount the Mini H1 Bi-xenon projectors using the metal brackets designed by us. Connect the Bi-xenon solenoid with the supplied high-beam splitter, and place the H1 bulbs. The complete installation of this retroquick kit can be done within 2 hours.

The included ballasts are Canbus-proof, which means that you will not get any bulb failure errors on your display. The original beam level system will still work.

You already have a plug & play xenon kit and want to upgrade to projectors? You can use your current ballasts and save money on the kit.

Any questions about this Audi A4 B6 8E convertible projector retroquick kit? Do not hesitate, contact us today!

Audi A4 B6 8E convertible (2002-2006) models with halogen headlights.


Check the different product specifications which are included in this kit.


Erg ontevreden over het licht van mijn A4 cabrio ben ik via het Audiforum terecht gekomen bij Retrofitlab. Het heeft me wel een zaterdagmiddag gekost om alles rustig en netjes voor elkaar te krijgen maar het resultaat is verbluffend. Enorm mooi wit en helder licht. Om over het groot licht nog maar te zwijgen. Dat is fenomenaal.

Ik hoef nu niet meer te martelen als ik vanuit mijn moderne BMW in mijn cabrio over stap. Voorheen dacht ik dat ik zonder licht reed en ging ik op halve snelheid. Nu kan ik ook in het donker weer vol gas door de bochten. Echte aanrader!!!!

Da die alten Reflektoren hoffnungslos verbrannt waren und durch die Hitzerisse auch nicht mehr beschichtet werden konnte musste Ersatz her.
Die neue Einheit ist erheblich heller und hat eine andere Geometrie.

Endlich gutes Licht in meinem Audi

Every Euro well spent. The original Valeo Xenon reflectors were completely burned. Perfect headlights including high beam.

Everything works perfect

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