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CCFL angel eyes


CCFL angel eyes

€ 24,95  

CCFL Angel eyes already have a long service record in the car tuning market. They are reliable light sources which provide good accent lightint. Especially in the dark they produce a clearly visible thin ring of white light. They can be used on the front of shrouds, or on the inside of shrouds to light them up.

CCFL means: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. This technology has proven itself as reliable and proven. The CCFL rings became popular after the year 2000, when BMW introduced the first model with Angel Eyes: the BMW 5 serie E39 facelift.

In contrast to our Led angel eyes, the CCFL's are white when turned off. Because they are thin, they are barely noticable in daylight.

The rings are powered by a small invertor which transforms a 12 Volt input to 900 Volt. These invertors can be placed inside or outside the headlight housing.

Available in 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and 100mm. This is the outer diameter.

Any questions about our CCFL angel eyes? Want to do a groupbuy? Do not hesitate and contact us!
  • 2 Brand new CCFL angel eyes rings
  • 2 Inverters (or 1 with double output for motorcycles)
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL

The rings are universal and will fit in a wide variety applications. They are great to mount on the front of shrouds for full visibility, or to mount behind/inside shrouds for the light to glow through shroud openings. Check out the specs for the different shrouds to check the desired diameter for the shroud of your choice.

Technische specificaties

Material Hollow glass tube (carfull: very breakable!)
Thickness of the ring 2mm
Input voltage 12V
Output voltage 900V


Alles bestens

Zeer tevreden over het resultaat. Makkelijk te plaatsen rond de shroud.
Geeft een zeer mooie uitstraling. Zeker in combinatie met de rode ccfls. Geeft net dat ietsje meer.

Idem zoals de ccfl witte. Combinatie van witte en rode halo ringen geeft een zeer mooi resultaat.

Persoonlijk vind ik dit mooier dan Led.
Mooie warme uitstraling. Staat ook heel mooi bij de xenon verlichtingen!

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