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Aharon E46-r Bi-xenon projectors Bosch AL design

Xenon Projectors

Aharon E46-r Bi-xenon projectors Bosch AL design



€ 129,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days

The Bosch E46 is a replica of the classic xenon projector by Bosch. This model was launched in the late nineties and is used in new cars to this very day.
The light output of the projector decreases when being used for many years, due to the reflecting layer becoming dull or even disappearing through burning.
This results in a significantly lower light output, which may cause your car to fail the MOT test.
Safe driving requires good sight, so be sure to replace your old projectors in time by the Bosch E46 projector. This xenon projector has a highly concentrated, slightly smaller light beam, which provides a higher light output. Because of these properties this projector provides good visibility, even at great distance.
The Bosch E46 is suitable for Plug & Play on various models, see table.

Make/model Year Bosch E46 Info

159 and Brera (halogen)
(same headlights)



A3 8P OEM xenon 2003-2013  
A4 B7 OEM xenon 2005-2007 Original projector uses D1S bulbs, new projectors use D2S bulbs. New bulbs are needed, together with D1S to D2S adapters (available for order from us).  
3 Serie E46
(Bosch/AL Bi-xenon)
1998-2005    Only on the AL Bi-xenon headlights. Check your headlight version here3 serie E46 bi-xenon projector
3 Serie E46 coupe
X5 E70  2007-2013    
B class W245 2005-2011  
C class W203 2001-2006 Bi-xenon headlights, plug & play replacement. Headlight frame needs a little adjustment, a few millimeter of material has to be removed with dremel.
C class W204 2007-2012  
SL class R230 2001-2005 Bi-xenon headlights, plug & play replacement.
S class W220 2003-2005 Headlight needs to be opened (butyl) to replace projector. 
S class W221 2005-2013 D1S version of the projector is originally installed. You will need to add new D2S bulbs and use a D1S to D2S adapter.
Range Rover      
L322 - Vogue 2001-2004

Bi-xenon headlights made by Bosch/AL. Direct replacement.

For high beam function;

- black wire to green wire of the car

- white wire to white wire of the car

ForFour 2004-2006  
Golf GTI MKV 2003-2008 Bi-xenon headlights, plug & play replacement. 
Touran (xenon headlight) 2003-2006  
S40/V50/C30/C70 2004-2012 V50 D2S E46

No rights can be derived from this table.

Grant yourself good sight and replace your old projectors by the Bosch E46 projector.

Which projector do you recommend for my vehicle? That is a question we often get, which is why we decided to make a database which contains all our vehicle specific knowledge. Follow this link to our database to check your vehicle.

Do you have questions about this projector or do you seek advice? Contact us today!

  • 2 Bosch E46 Bi-xenon projectors (day light and high light)
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Free personal  customer support from RFL

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.


Cars See tabel on the info page
Bulbs There are three versions of this projector. One for H7 bulbs, one for D1S bulbs and one D2S bulbs.

Technical specs

Hight 92mm
Width 140mm
Depth 150mm
Mounting depth 85mm
Lens diameter 3.0 inch


Nice projector, well made and easy to fit.

Ik ben blij dat ik jullie gevonden heb via het internet, de reflectoren van mijn koplampen (Alfa 159) hadden last van flinke corrosie. Kosten vervangen beide koplampen 600 euro. Zelf vervangen in een uurtje werk kostte mij 130 euro. En heb nu ook betere lichtkwaliteit dan het origineel.

These are a great upgrade for your projectors in a BMW E46 if they are dull and not so good as new, it did take me some time to figure out the full beam solenoid flap wiring though just swapping the two outer wires on the 3-pin plug sorted the issue. The beam pattern is nice and sharp not so wide and reflectors not so mirrored but overall great

Those lenses are plug and fitment, no special tools required. Light output way better than OEM even with no name bulbs

Weinig op aan te merken, helder zicht, strakke cut off en een grote verbetering tov mijn vorige projectors. Het enige minpuntje is dat de lichtbundel niet heel breed is, maar dat went wel na een tijdje.

I have been using my BMW E63 645ci for 10 years until recently the light output is terrible even after changing new bulbs, change to this aharon e46, it does a perfect fit without any modification, the light output is great , the only drawback is the light output is not wide as my original light output but its very concentrated in the middle...which is nice!

One of the best product.. Helped me a lot during the night time. Super quality

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