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Aharon Mini D2S Bi-xenon projectors 3.0

Xenon Projectors

Aharon Mini D2S Bi-xenon projectors 3.0



D2S lampen

€ 99,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days

The Mini D2S 3.0 was launched early 2014 and is the newest series Mini D2S projectors. The design is based on the Audi Q5 projector designed by Koito. De denotation “D2S” refers to the fact that the projectors are suitable for OEM bulbs, for example Philips and Osram bulbs (the best bulbs available).

The rather large light beam, including good ‘hotspot’ (the center of the light beam) and excellent high beam increase the drivers safety. This projector is ideally suited for large H4 head lights. The Mini H1 6.0 is better suited to smaller H4 headlights.

The benefits of the Mini D2S 3.0 projector:

  • Fits H4 fittings perfectly
  • Gives better results than the Mini H1 6.0
  • Clear 3 inch lens
  • Large light beam and excellent high beam increase safety
  • Can easily be installed in H4 headlights

Which projector do you recommend for my vehicle? That is a question we often get, which is why we decided to make a database which contains all our vehicle specific knowledge. Follow this link to our database to check your vehicle.

Do you have questions or do you seek advice? Feel free to ask and don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • 2 Brand new Bi-xenon Mini D2S 3.0 projectors
  • 2 Years completly warranty
  • Free personal  customer support from RFL

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.


Vehicles Ideal for H4 and 9003 headlights.
Bulbs D2S bulbs only
Ballast With D2S connector
Shrouds GTI-R, Ocular, E46-R Extended, Gatling Gun, Ocular 2.0 & Apollo


Height 70mm
Width 105mm
Depth 140mm
Mounting depth 120mm
Lens diameter 3 inch


Hab es in ein bmw e46 reingemacht orginal hatte er bosch xenon gehabt aber durch die d2s 3.0 ist bessere sicht und ein sehr guter color flicker. Gute qualität und lieferung. Top!

HUGE improvement over stock xenon headlights. I was worried whether it was money and time well spent, however the improvement is simply amazing

good Shopping

I had some generic projectors before purchasing the Mini D2S and the light output was better than the original

..But not as good as these projectors. In combination with XB35 5500K the light output is almost 2 times better than before!

Also , with the Apollo 1.0 shrouds , the headlight now looks like factory , and similar to the JDM spec headlights (the car is a suzuki swift sport MY 09).

Only downside is that the projectors are a bit heavy , so you may need to attach them using some screws , so it doesn't move around.

Overall , great performance , and very good customer support . The guys at retrofit lab answered all my questions!

Da geht die Sonne auf!
Wahnsinns Ausleuchtung und schöner bläulicher Cutoff!

Top Qualität!

Easy install on H4 headlight. Positioning is correct.

Gentlemen, I've spend a lot of time thinking and researching on projectors that will fit my goals. After a short email communication with Retrofitlab (Wouter) i had no doubts left. I bought D2S 3" and managed to fit them to my Subi Impreza GC - yes they fit with just a little bit of effort.
The output of the D2S compared to my old MH1 projectors is staggering!

Die Projektoren wurden in einem Getz Facelift eingebaut. Durch das sehr gute Video war die Installation sehr einfach. Das Ergebnis hat meine Erwartungen um einiges übertroffen, wirklich sehr empfehlenswert !!!!

These 3.0 projectors replace the D2S 2.0 projectors I fitted on a car in 2012. In combination with new XB35 lamps this provides for a great field of light in front of the car, and also great distance. These provide an even brighter and better beam then the mini H1's and I am completely satisfied. Best bang for buck IMO, really curious what the 4.0 will bring...

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