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D1S Osram CBI 66140CBI-HCB

D1S HID xenon bulbs

D1S Osram CBI 66140CBI-HCB

€ 109,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days

Looking for OEM quality and nothing less than the best light output with a color temperature of 5000K ? This is the D1S bulb of your choice.

This lamp pushes the boundaries in light output and color temperature. On European roads 5000K is the maximum color temperature allowed. The higher color temperature is closer to the color temperature of sunlight, which our eyes are adapted to.

Until recently, almost all OEM bulbs had a color temperature of 4300K​​. This was mainly for technical reasons: at this color temperature the highest light output could be achieved. At color temperatures higher than 4300K ​​, the light output normally decreases. Osram's engineers have succeeded with this "Cool Blue Intense" xenon bulbs to get the highest light output with a higher color temperature. That 's what makes this bulb unique.

Check out the extensive tests, experiences and photos on HIDplanet: New Osram CBI.

Some quotes:

  • "it's the first time, in the last 3 years that I'm using my retrofitted headlights, that I CAN SEE my headlights on the street and on the sidewalks, under very intense public illumination !... And you know what?... I like it a lot!..."
  • "puts out a wider, brighter, super white light..."
  • "Before my retrofit I had a 5000k kit (bad, i know) and switched to the 85122+ bulbs after I got projectors (S2k). I loved the white I had before and couldn't stand the yellow of the Philips. When I put the CBIs in, they were a bit dimmer than the Philips, and just barely whiter. I wasnt very impressed. After about three hours of usage, they got noticeably whiter and brighter. The beam was just as wide as before, but there was definitely more light to the sides. At this point they were already brighter than the 85122+'s and the white light definitely stood out much better than the yellow of 4300k. The cutoff was easily seen far in the distance on a brightly lit highway. There is still a little bit of yellow in the beam, but it is disappearing quick. I was considering 55w before, but these bulbs definitely don't need it.Mind you, this is just after 3 hours. I'm pumped to see how they look after they finish breaking in."
  • "I couldn't believe the CBI were so much higher but like I said above I did this three times in rotation, changing the bulbs and letting them warm up each time with almost the exact same results."
  • "Well after putting around 5 hours on them I must say I'm in love with driving at night again haha."

Got any questions about the Osram CBI's HID bulbs? Don't wait and contact us directly.

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