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Aharon LED High beam projector

LED Bulbs

Aharon LED High beam projector


€ 74,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days

More light…Sometimes extra light is wanted when you are driving dark roads. And although high beam from halogen or bi-xenon is not bad, sometimes you just want more!
You can use some better halogen bulbs, or maybe even some LED bulbs, but the improvement and upgrade in looks will be mediocre. An ultimate upgrade would be a quad projector setup, but that’s a lot of work and a bit expensive.
So we were looking for a cost effective way to improve high beam and of course make use of modern LED technology because it hasn’t any start-up time and reaches full strength at the moment high beam is activated.

We found it! It was a challenge but we have found an amazing solution to improve your high beam. We want to introduce to you, the Aharon LED high beam projector. Better than plug and play LED bulbs and cheaper than a full quad xenon or bi-led setup.
Why better than plug and play LED? Because the light output is higher and the light is more focused where you want it. And because you can use it in combination with shrouds, it looks like a high class quad setup.

Light output Most important benefits first, you want to upgrade your high beam because you want more light. And we can guarantee you, this projector is what you want! Of course we have tested the projectors and measured the light output ourselves. And the 25 watts High power LED’s are quite an improvement. The High Power LED’s are kept cool by a fan to ensure maximum light output and problem free operation.

Installing The only thing is you need to open your headlight. But because you are probably already going to open it to add a Aharon bi-xenon projector, this shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore mounting is easy because of the threaded shaft. It fits a H7 / H4 bulb holes and mounting hardware is included. When you want to install it in for example the BMW E46, you need to trim the E46-r shroud a bit to make the shroud fit the reflector.

Looks We do care about the looks and the combination of the projectors with a shroud looks pretty cool. Plus! there is also the option to use the projector in a DRL mode which activates a low power DRL.

DRL function High beam function

After all this you can understand we are quite excited about the Aharon LED high beam projector. So when you want to have extra light and improved high beam, don’t hesitate, the Aharon high beam LED projector is the latest and best option for you.

·        Light output – High and useful output
·        Extra DRL – to be more visible for other road users is always an advantage
·        Instant full strength– The LED’s reach their full strength instantly which is good for signalling
·        Threaded shaft – Makes it easy to mount
·        Shroud – To complete the look and make it look like a quad setup

Width/diameter ~ 79 mm
Mounting depth ~ 66 mm
Threaded shaft Length  ~ 18 mm
Total length ~ 93 mm


These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

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