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  • Worldwide shipment
  • 14 days to return
  • 2 year warranty
  • Shipped within 2 business days
  • High quality materials

Through this quality check we can stand behind the quality and performance of our products.

We only sell projectors if they are approved on the following points:

  No damage on the lens
No imperfections in the reflector
Correct operation of the solenoid
Mounting hardware complete
Correct light output

The date of quality check is written on the package.

Not only the qualiy check is an improvement, but certainly the new packaging. Our products are distinguished not only by quality, but also by the appearance and presentation.


Aharon brand
Similarly, our own brand; Aharon. All the products we have specially created / developped and where we obviously stand behind, we give the name Aharon.

So you know that when you as a customer buy an Aharon product, you buy quality.

Meaning Aharon
The name of the brand was chosen for its meaning. Aharon means "bringer of light".


Wordt geladen...
Wordt geladen...