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Retrofit Service

Want to have your headlight retrofitted but don't want to do it yourself? We from Retrofitlab also offer Retrofit service! How does it work? First contact us and let us know the whishes for your retrofit. Then disassemble your headlights yourself or let your dealer do it for you, and send the headlights to us with parcel post. Or you can drop them at our office in Ermelo, Netherlands. Within 2 days your headlights are finished and they will be shipped back to you, or you can come and pick them up yourself.

The rates for your services are as follows:
  Price Estimate time
Butyl headlight retrofit € 195,00 3-10 Working days 
Permaseal headlight retrofit € 345,00 10-12 Working days 
Motor double projector    
Butyl headlight retrofit € 125,00  3-10 Working days 
Permaseal headlight  € 200,00  10-12 Working days 
Motor single projector    
Butyl headlight  € 95,00   3-10 Working days 
Permaseal headlight € 170,00  10-12 Working days 
Mounting angel eyes  € 30,00 per pair  
Mounting devil eyes € 20,00 per pair  
Paint shrouds € 20,00 per pair  
Paint inlay € 20,00 per pair  
Custom mounting projectors Variable Variable
Polish outer lens € 30,00 per headlight +2 Working days
Angel eyes (SMD) From € 49,00  
Angel eyes (CCFL) From € 24,95  
T10 canbus cancellers (angel eyes) € 15,00  
Devil eyes  € 9,95  
Butyl rubber sealant € 14,95  

* Prices are only for the Retrofit service, excluding products!

On our Facebook page are examples of retrofits done by us. Like us and see the latest retrofits pass!

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