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Yamaha FZS600 Fazer 1998-2001

Motor Retroquick kit

Yamaha FZS600 Fazer 1998-2001



Color temperature

Led position light


Time Delay Relay

Breathing vents

€ 219,95  

Tremendous light output, symmetry and unique look
To upgrade your Yamaha FZS600 Fazer in terms of light output and to make it look even better than original, we have developed a very high-quality Yamaha FZS600 Fazer bi-xenon headlight kit. This kit improves the looks, light output and safety. Which is always a big advantage on a motorcycle.

From single halogen to double Bi-xenon Our custom Yamaha FZS600 Fazer upgrade kit includes everything you need to upgrade your poor halogen headlights to powerful bi-xenon projector headlights. This is done by opening the headlight, which sounds more difficult than it is, and installing our kit. You have to 'Do It Yourself' a bit, but with the custom made brackets, the included wiring, hardware etc. it is made as easy as possible. The result is a strong light output and a symmetrical look, because you have both low and high beam from both sides. The light pattern is also perfect, so you don’t blind oncoming traffic with stray light. The kit definitely takes your FZS600 Fazer to a higher level!


  • Guaranteed higher light output
  • Both sides low and high beam!
  • Increased safety
  • Unique custom look
  • Installation easier with custom bracket
  • Can possibly be rebuilt back to original

Power supply Such a strong light output would not be possible without efficient ballasts and the digital ballasts from Aharon are - in contrast to many others- tested to generate a full 35W. The heart of the ballast, the electrical circuit, is protected by a robust and extremely compact housing. Which is perfect for retrofitting. The ballasts are the perfect addition to the xenon bulbs and supplied wiring harness. The wiring harness is connected with connectors to the original wiring, the bulbs, the projectors for the bi-xenon / high beam and the battery. You don’t have to cut / solder in your original wiring. The power supply is therefore extremely strong, stable and reliable.

Bulbs The xenon bulbs are one of the most important factors for a strong light output. Our advice is to use the premium Aharon XB-35 5500k version, because they are powerful bulbs, with the modern white colour and an excellent price / quality ratio.

Installation Do you doubt the installation? Not necessary! With a little patience and skill you will succeed. Especially with the help of the installation video and if necessary with our support. The supplied wire harness is also easy to install yourself. The cables are usually labelled, so it is clear where to connect. Due to the used wire harness, the original switches on the handlebars can still be used. If you really don’t have faith in installing it yourself, please contact one of our dealers / installers.

Additional upgrade options To upgrade your kit even further, we have a time delay relay which ensures that the xenon does not immediately start with the engine. But the lighting is switched on 10 seconds later. This reduces the load on the sensitive electronic system during start-up. And also for a longer lifespan, because the lighting does not always switch on, off and on again. The relay replaces the relay on the supplied wiring harness, it is only a matter of removing the already installed relay and placing the time delay relay. We have made the delay relay in the kit considerably cheaper than when you buy the relay separately.
To prevent moisture in the headlight, we also have special breathing vents, which ensure that moisture can get out, but not in it. These are mounted in the housing by drilling a hole.

This complete Yamaha FZS600 Fazer retrofit kit is inspected prior to shipment by our internal quality control. To emphasize the confidence we have in our high quality Aharon products, we provide a generous 2 year full warranty on all products. You can also use the highly valued technical support of the light experts at If you have any questions, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us via chat or e-mail.

So don’t hesitate and invest in the looks and safety of your FZS600 Fazer with this bi-xenon upgrade kit, you will certainly not regret it!


2x Mini H1 projectors
2x S-slim ballast Aharon AMP
2x Mini Gatling Gun shrouds
2x H1 lampen
2x Brackets
1x H7 motor draadboom
1x H7 splitter


In general the kit is good.

na lang twijfel toch bestelt spullen netjes ontvangen snel verstuurt netjes ingepakt beste upgrade die je kan doen de kop lamp unit even 10 minuten in de oven egt zo los geen enkel probleem deze licht opbrengst is egt niet normaal een fazer heeft egt heel vaag licht beeld maar naar deze upgrade merk je direct een monster verschil

twijfel niet is egt een goede upgrade

after carefull consideration of which lights to buy for my motorbike I went for this kit which is specifically designed for my bike . the difference in night time riding is brilliant I am happy with my purchase and fitting was relatively easy once you have the light unit separated , I have recommended these lights to a few people in the motorbike group that I am a member of .

The kit is overall very good, the light out put and dip beam cut off very good. The loom fits the bike with little excess wires, the lamps fit in the headlamp very well, the ballast units are small and can be fitted behind the dash, and the connectors are of good quality. There are a couple of issues, the dip beam motor wires have no shroud on the loom and the plug is to big to fit heat shrink to it afterwards. The projector shrouds could have fitted better. The plugs supplied to connect to the bikes head lamp loom are of the incorrect type. Other than that the kit is a massive improvement to the bikes original headlamps

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