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Retroquick Xenon Projector Kits

BMW 3 E46 (1998-2005) bi-xenon MD2S 3.0 – ZKW Xenon koplampen



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€ 149,95 Op maat gemaakt Verwachte levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

The BMW 3 Series E46 , produced from 1998 to 2005 , is a very characteristic car with real "BMW class and quality". The headlights of these cars were built by two different headlight manufacturers. One manufacturer is Bosch , also known as AL (Automotive Lighting). The other is the Austrian manufacturer ZKW. The latter manufacturer, ZKW, has produced projectors bowls from plastic material. Unfortunately, it appears that this plastic is not able to stand the heat of the D2S xenon bulb, causing the reflective layer to disappear. The result is a light output that decreases so dramatically that finally the headlights will be rejected at the yearly inspection. Unfortunately, ZKW never made new bowls available, and the only option was to buy a new set of headlights. With this kit, however, you can completely restore the light output for a fraction of the price of new headlights!

Check these link for pictures of the result on and

This kit contains two new Q5-R Bi-xenon projectors. These medium size projectors generate a good light output with their Japanese Koito optics and clear 3.0 inch lenses. The projectors can be mounted directly in the ZKW headlight frame using the supplied screws and mounting sticker. The automatic level adjustment will still work correctly.

Included are two new E46-R shrouds. The original shrouds are often burned at the top and with the new shrouds the headlight looks like new again.

To operate the Bi-xenon solenoid, an H7 splitter is included. This bypasses the original solenoid wiring. Experience has proved that when placing new projectors in ZKW headlights, electronics could fail when the original solenoid wiring was used. The H7 splitter takes 12V directly from the high beam.

For European vehicles, optional T10 led bulbs can be added to this kit, to remove the yellowish 5W bulb and replace it with a matching xenon white light. Cars from the US and Canada do not have this bulb, so choose "No thanks" if you are from these countries.

Do you have questions regarding our BMW 3 E46 ZKW OEM Bi-xenon retroquick projector kit? Don't hesitate and contact us today!


Sehr gute Abwicklung, gutes Produkt, vielen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe. Die Scheinwerfer leuchten wieder perfekt. Danke

Qualität ist sehr gut.
Beschreibung etwas lückenhaft.
Gibt jedoch Video im Youtube.
Schablonen sind nicht gut, zu weiche Folie, funktioniert aber.
Im Gesamten eine TOP Investition die ich jedem empfehlen kann.

It were very easy to use product. Recomendded items parts!!!! 100% quality

After learning how to install following the excellent video the second headlight unit took about 1 hour to complete. Xenon illumination restored to new. Had to wire solenoid to existing NA plug wire - again an easy to complete process. Very satisfied with the restored headlights and will be recommending to friends.

Es justo lo que necesitaba mi e46, por las noches iba a oscuras o con los faros antiniebla ahora es de día!

Thanks to i manage to save my crappy zkw oem headlights.
After failing the eu controll i bought a pair of replacement bi xenon. The mounting vent flawless. The lightoutput compare to the original one is amazing.
Although the original one gave up litteraly no light at all.
Wish the mount would fit the existing template so there was no drilling involved.
And the clips on the front pice could fit in a clip slot instead of glue it.
Other than that it works great

Einwandfreie Beschreibung und super schneller Versand.

everything is fine except for one thing. As i understood it happened to many customers. I've got a new lens and a shroud. but in order to mount shroud on lens i have to glue it somehow, becouse the clippers dont fit directly . Didnt see that in DIY video. So that kinda problem for me, but right now im looking for heat ressistant glue. The only thing im lacking is time.

I am very happy with the retofit kit I purchased for my wife's 04 BMW 325i. The illumination from the lights now is amazing. The installation worked fairly well. I think it could have turned out better, and with less confusion, if the written instructions provided were designed more towards US version cars, particularly the wire harness. Even the website retofit video needs to be modified to reflect US vesion wire harness differences. Other than this little bit of confusion, I am very happy with the product and conversion. I would deffinatly recomend this product. It saved me alot of expence.
Thanks, Doug/Califonia USA

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