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  • Hella EvoX-R bi-xenon projectors

Hella EvoX-R Bi-xenon projectors

The renewed and improved version of the classic E55 projector


Price / pair: € 139,95
Looking for a medium sized projector to retrofit in your headlight, or swap directly from an older Hella E55 3.0 inch Xenon or Halogen projector? These are the baby's you need!

The EvoX-R is designed after the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X original HID Bi-xenon projector. It can easily replace the very common Hella E55 projector, and will need only minor or no modification to be retrofitted.

A good throw is what the beam pattern of this projector characterizes. This means there is an intense "hotspot" just below the cutoff line, which is good for distance light. Combined with a nice table-top high beam, this projector leaves behind the majority of OEM projectors. The 3.0 inch crystal clear lenses produce a very sharp cutoff with a DOT step.

Most of our medium and larger sized shrouds fit this projector. Shroud centric rings are not available for this projector, so shroud mounting needs some DIY creativity on this projector.

Make/model Year EvoX-r Info
Audi A6 C5 2001-2004   A6 C5 Bi-xenon EvoX-R
Audi A6 C6  2004-2011   Audi A6 EvoX-R
Audi A8 2002-2009  
5 Serie E39 2001-2002  

E39 EvoX-R

The EvoX-R 2.0 will also fit but some adjustments need to be made: FORUM POST

5 serie E60 2003-2006 For OEM D2S xenon headlights only, without AFS. Can be replaced without opening headlight.
7 serie E65 2001-2008  
X5 E53 1999-2006 Perfect replacement. For the the types with AFS you will need to open up the headlight., but because of the tough permaseal this is not an easy job.. 
Z4 E85 2002-2008 Direct replacement of both halogen and xenon projector. Installation is very easy, as projector can be taken out from the back of the headlight without splitting the headlight.
Grand Voyager 2008-2015 Permasealed headlights, needs also D1S to D2S adapters since the original bulb is D1S.
Fiesta 2009-2012 Halogen projector can be replaced directly by the EvoX-R. Headlight is permasealed.
Ford Fiesta MK6.5 and Ford Fiesta MK6 
Focus C-max 2003-2010 Replaces the OEM Hella Bi-xenon projector. 
S-type 2004-2007  
Land Rover      
Range Rover 2001-2010 Direct fit on the Hella headlights. Units made by AL/Bosch need the E46 projectors. Butyl headlights, easy to open.
Thesis 2002-2008 Very easy replacement through the back of the headlight.
A-Class W176 2012+ Projector can be replaced directly through the rear opening, no need to bake the headlight. Original projector is D1S version, so a D1S to D2S adapter and D2S bulb is also needed.
CLK W209/A209 2002-2010  
CLS W219 2004-2010  
E-Class W211 2003-2009

W211 EvoX-R
These original E55 projectors are known to burn. We also advise to buy the D2S-D2S cables because a lot of times the original igniter won't fit anmymore.

The facelift models with/without AFS are completely different, we don't have a solution for these headlights at the moment.

E-Class C207/A207 2009-2012  
ML W163 2001-2005  
ML GL W164 2006-2010 Easy to replace without opening headlight (with AFS cornering function it needs to be opened). 
R-Class 2005-2010 R Class EvoX-R
Lancer EvoX-R 2008-2016  
Vectra C 2002-2008 Vectra C1 EvoX-R
911 / 996 1999-2004 Original xenon headlights have Hella projectors which can be replaced very easily with the EvoX-R. No need to open the headlight, plug & play installation.
9-3 2002-2007  
Fabia 2010-2014  
Octavia 2009-2013 Because of the though permaseal some people will cut off a part on the backside of the headlight. Here is a link to our blog with some pictures: EvoX-R
Suberb 2002-2008 These projectors just need little bit modification. Also you can't use original ballasts without any modifications because they will not fit anywhere inside headlight although you use adapters. So you need expand (make it larger) the cover which need to be opened when you change your bulb. After all these are way better than burned oem projectors!
Superb 2008-2015  
Passat B5.5 2001-2005

Passat B5.5 EvoX-R
For 3BG with OEM halogen headlights, a small corner needs to be shaved off.
For 3BG with OEM Xenon headlights, the pivot point from the original Hella projectors needs te be mounted to the EvoX-R.

Passat B6 2005-2010

Passat B5.5 EvoX-R


Polo 6N2 1999-2001

GTI xenon headlight uses a Hella 3 inch projector, can be replaced easily without opening the headlight housing.

T5.1 2003-2009

For the Xenon headlight, the EvoX-R is a direct replacement.

Touareg 2007-2010

D1S originally.

No rights can be derived from this table.

Do you have questions about the Hella EvoX-R Bi-xenon projectors? Want to do a groupbuy? Do not hesitate and contact us today!
  • 2x EvoX-R Bi-xenon projectors (high and low beam)
  • 2 Year full warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL

Vehicles Ideal for vehicles with dual or single filament bulbs. For medium to large sized headlights
Bulbs D2S bulbs only
Ballast With D2S connector
Shrouds Most shrouds fit. Some might need litte modification. The Mini Gatling Gun, Mini Graphite and Gatling 2.0 will not fit


Height 96mm
Width 107mm
Depth 147mm
Lens diameter 3.0 inch


4 Needed a little trimming where the bulb retainer spring goes in. There were a little bit of plastic left from the cast/molding process.
5 Just as i expected Good quality projectors and fitted just as said. Bolt-on. Working fine and giving light enough even with 35W bulbs. Paired these with Mini H1 6.1 and nowadays never have to drive in the dark again. :)
5 Sorry but i give only 5 star but thr hella evox-r bi xenon projector, and than light is more than ever stars! :)
Very good products! Amazing light eny weather!
4 Montage sur A6 C6 bi-xenon d'origine En remplacement d'origine car cela n'eclaire pas beaucoup d'origine!
Se monte en lieu et place des origines par contre le bloc cubique qui maintient l'ampoule d'origine (que verouille celle-ci avec un quart de tour) ne peux plus se monter. J'ai du fraiser la surface des nouvelles pieces (plastique) d'environ 5mm coté ampoule et maintenir ensuite le "bloc de connection" grace a une bandelle de metal sérré grace a une vis... bref faut bidouiller un peu pour que ca se monte avec la connection d'origine. Sinonfaut virer le bloc de connection d'origine et utiliser un cable de connnection d'ampoule de 2eme monte.
Sinon le resultat est super, un faisceau parfaitement net au niveau de la limite d'eclairage et une lumiere parfaitement repartie sur la zone eclairé. J'ai beaucoup gagné en performance d'eclairage, restera plus qu'a l'avenir de mettre des ampoules neuves.
5 Projectors Although I didn't install the projectors, they were great quality and I would have been installing them if they would have been right ones
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